How does L4U work? (3)

Well, we assume you have already been to an optometrist for an eye test, and are here to order contact lenses that you know the power of, pay electronically, and have them delivered to your door. The way to do this is to register (once only) by providing your details so that we have all the necessary info to process your order. Once that’s done, you can proceed to the shop, find your lenses, enter your power (see FAQ below on finding your power), and add it to your cart. When you have filled your cart, you can proceed to checkout to complete your order. Once we have verified your prescription we will prepare and dispatch your order and you should receive it within 2-3 days.

Yes, it is a legal requirement that we have your prescription from an optometrist before we dispense contact lenses. This is mainly for your safety to make sure you are wearing the correct lenses and that you have been shown how to insert and remove your lenses without hurting your eye.

Not necessarily. You are welcome to purchase as a guest, but it will be much easier and quicker if you register and login, and a breeze when you wish to reorder.

Ordering (8)

There are a few ways:
1) Login and reorder your previous order (see instruction below).
2) Login, go to the shop, select your lenses, enter your power and add to your cart. When done, proceed to checkout, complete billing and delivery details (if you haven’t logged in) and complete and place your order. Make payment via IPay and your order is complete. As soon as we confirm your prescription and payment we will dispatch your order, and you should receive your lenses as soon as possible.
3) Search for your contact lenses from the SEARCH4U facility on the top right of any page, and follow the above process.

Follow the above process, but if you have non prescription lenses you can skip the prescription step and just select your desired colour from the options. Note: Most medical aids don’t pay for coloured contact lenses.

Yes, login and go to the orders page and follow the ‘reorder’ prompts.

That’s not a problem, on the product page you can select or unselect to add each eye and it will be added to your cart.

We’re sorry…send us mail with the details and we will try out best to get it for you.

Sure, if you would like to try another product add a note in your order via the ordering form and if we have testers in stock we will send a pair through with your order.

In most cases you should receive your order before you need to check the status, but if you do wish you check the status of your order send a mail to and we will let you know where it is and when it should arrive.

The easiest method is via the order page where you have the option to ‘upload’ your prescription. That way it is stored on your profile and you wont have to keep mailing it to us.
The other option is to email your prescription to once you have ordered. Note: We can only process the order once we have your prescription on file.

Payment (4)

Lenses4U uses the i-pay facility for payments. We chose this facility as it is a convenient, safe and secure way of making payments. It works by allowing you to access your internet banking platform and make an EFT payment directly to our account. NO information is stored by either the L4U website or the IPay facility so there’s no risk of your information being compromised. Find more info on their website:

Yes, as i-pay links directly to your bank account you have the option to pay from whichever account you choose including your credit card account.

We guarantee to match the price of any other service provider based on a written quote or other form of confirmation of price. This will only apply to the exact match of the product, and will not apply in the case of special discounts. Note: Price matching will occur at the sole discretion of L4U.

We sometimes run promotions or reward our loyal clients by offering discounts. This is usually in the form of coupons. You can claim these coupons on the checkout page when ordering.  Please Note: Coupons may only be used  once, and do have expiry dates which will be communicated on issue.

Medical aid (5)

Yes and No. We only claim directly from Discovery at this stage.

Not at this stage. But if we get enough requests and the medical aid claim process is a fit with ours then we will definitely consider claiming directly.

Absolutely! Most medical aids will accept our invoice as we are registered with the Health Professionals Council (HSPCA).

As we claim directly, we claim the discovery rate for the lenses you order. We do this directly, however if you are unsure, you can confirm your coverage and availability on the discovery website or call centre before you order.

Yes, we suggest you confirm fund availability before ordering as you are liable for any shortfall if the medical aid does not pay in full.

Delivery (2)

Yes, delivery is absolutely hundred percent free…BUT, only to major centres. If you are in an outlying area then we will charge a delivery fee. Please check the following to view the rate to your area:

To major centres, delivery will take between 2-3 days. A bit longer to outlying areas depending how ‘out’.

Returns (1)

We pride ourselves on quality control so if we make an error with your order you can surely return it (unopened and undamaged) at no cost for an exchange or refund.
If you change your mind or realise you ordered the incorrect lens or power, then we will gladly exchange your lenses for the correct one, however there may be a handling and re-delivery fee included if we cannot tie your reorder in with another delivery in your area.